Lila's Apparatus

by The Penny Dreadfuls

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released March 25, 2010

Charis Hickson - vocals
Jon Chambers - guitar, vocals, songsmith
Matt Vollrath - keyboards, theremin
Tom Intardonato - bass
Phil Leonard - drums, percussion

Mixed and mastered by Matt Vollrath at Spider Farm Studios
Tracked by Chris Collins
Artwork by Chandler Brunke
Album design by Jeremy Chambers

Tesla's Eulogy courtesy of Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Special Thanks to:
The Down Home, Montclair Studios, Jeremy Chambers, Adam Vollrath, Brad Ward, Ira Pratt, Steve Cook, Nana, Tim Moody and all of our cohorts in the great Johnson City


all rights reserved



The Penny Dreadfuls Johnson City, Tennessee

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Track Name: Jobe's Opera House
I'm aware of the fact
The fact that I have moments
These moments I've collected
Collected for you

As I stand on this stage
In attempt not to fade
Any fan-fearing favor from thee

Lullaby I will sing to thee
Tall tales warmed with mysteries
An angel will come to set you free
Into the bluest blue
Cause it was all for you tonight!

As you know
there's a lot of people scared to make a sound that's not for everyone
And by the way are you everyone?

Old women Claire she had the rosiest cheeks
She loved all her fans
But she was pushed off the stage in a jealous rage
Where she soon met her end
But she was laughing all the way down
For she remembered the way she had with this town

Sergio with his face so bold
He didn't mind much or do what he was told
Two dames to each arm with his chin in the air
He didn't mind much when he flew the air

They're as tight as they come but as loose as they go
When they saw deaths face they knew to let go
And all the times we feel the strangers with the coldest of souls
Remember that they are those that are laughing

No frowns
For they remember the day
The day that we gave them their crown
Their crown

Late at night when we've all gone home
They leave a chair and chrome microphone
And a light for those who roam these halls
When the vendors leave they lock the door
and swear by the distant song
A roaring song
Track Name: She Flow
I'm on that ghastly wicked road again
Daring only to pretend
Oh heaven change your ways and soon

Not another angel to my prey
One thousand mittens won't keep its sting away
They all fall down
Into my cage

I'm as fragile as a dream
a nightmare of the sort
That only a wolf can match the demon
The demon I'll bring forth
When your guard is down around your legs
The moon will sound and hatch the egg
and all hell will break loose
Oh heaven change your ways and soon

Listen to the crickets as they crawl
Down the same dirty path which took them all
Now I take you
Into my claws
It's a very tricky thing to miss that turn
Hour after hour you'll finally learn
Good heavens change your ways and soon
Track Name: Twist My Arm No More
Summer days watching the hay bales
I can smell it on you
Picture frames hiding your spells
Know that I still love you

How long 'til we overflow
Is it true that you will soon change
Whiskey, bourbons and champagnes
I salute you for killing the pain
You needn't twist my arm no more

Trashed again with my bacon and eggs
Just to see what it would do
Cream corn and unsweet applesauce
is my life without the booze

Sunday morning apologies
Sorry I couldn't be there for these
Pictures in your head of me
Shouting bouts of my own tragedy
or singing about all these single cell organisms
Track Name: Mr. Magoo
There is a man who shaves a lot
Keeping track of all the things he's got
Reminiscing of better times

He's destined for that empty slate
If you're not weary of that old snake
That old snake.. meow

Like Mr. Magoo
They're as blind as a bat
You know the walking in-stinks with all the hairy backs
never missing a episode of Friends

Its as funny as dead kittens with slacks
Singing nursery rhythms about doing smack
I really like you why are you running away

Like the daily blues than the daily news
Just like the fruit cake blowing on my bomb's fuse
Oh whys its every time you think its gonna be alright whys itea ljsdlkjf lkjasd

They got me singing like a Nazi
Track Name: Stripped
Curtain call she steps out on the stage again
With legs as longs as the times we pretend
To promise what ever it takes
As long as you make it shake
Oh Madam you make my heart ache

I like your disguise
Lies in form of a truth
So televised
Bullshit oozing from the tube
I didn't think it was so wrong until I found you in my home
Telling me what to do
What to do

She whispers in your ear
Sweet sounds dedicated to your stare

Holding your gaze with my bouncy sashays
You wouldn't believe me any other way
Promise what ever it takes
As long as you stay awake

I like to swing from chandeliers
Bring all you dogs to tears
I have a soul you know and baby I like to shine
But every now and then you catch my lacy little spins
and you look away sayin' no no no
If white lies never hurt when you put them on a wet t-shirt
They why can't we tattoo the bad stuff to your eyes
For my sleek physique may turn your cheek
Cause I'm older than Rome yet not as meek
Operational digital radio musical cascading signals of something biblical
I believe
You better believe
Track Name: Red and the Blue Pill
It was a long time ago
When they wished us away
On an island full of Jekylls
Or so they say

Dear sir what's that you speak of?
I know not of what you talk
But you seem like a man who's been around
Been around the block

I'll give you a choice my friend for I was not
The red or the blue pill or bother me not
it bothers me

It bothers him to know
It bothers him to show
Two days before Christmas
They let us go
Track Name: Tesla
When he whistles you'd better hide
The man in black with the top hat has no sides
And all along I would go to bed
With dreams of AC in my head
The wizard of Menlo Park and tycoons
Fooled us all like great buffoons

Dark days have fallen
From coal sweating steam
Did I not change the world
Or was it all just a dream
Just a dream

But I was turned away
Left here till decay
Now that Greed Incorporated

Pigeons swarm around me
Meet my last family
There the only ones who care
Who really cares?

First a feeble spark
Then a flickering flame
The present is thine
Though the future is mine

The future is mine
Track Name: Devil's Toll
Well the thugs have laid down their guns for the mightier banker's pen
When you pick apart this one my friend, its hard to pretend
Where the greenbacks come
Where the greenbacks go
All hail the rabbit hole
There is no prize nor medal for those who expose the devil's toll

Deep within the history
Deep within the sands
The barons of contention with their bloody hands
Found the light that was meant for all
Had sold the light that was meant for all

Teething are we in this recent age
For our reason beckons us beyond the moral stage
The lever is broke
The path is set
Don't cry my child I will not let you forget

With the sun beating down onto your face
It wasn't long before the glory of this faster pace
Had entailed us all to thinking that our dreams could be replaced

We were soaring so high up in the clouds
With wings made of paper we were all so proud
Then the masters we had put in place
Had locked our dreams inside a safe
So you could look but never taste them all

Let's take our ramblings and cast out to sea
Lives in shambles its not just me
With every second another mask facade
Spinning weaving breathing their beautiful fraud

I do not need this
I do not trust this
Baby face money love me kiss
The cunning broker with the evil twist
Sings the songs of his comrades with a waving fist

We come from the old world
We've survived the the great Deluge
There's nothing under your bed baby
Just us pricing you
Track Name: Show of Hands
Can I get a show of hands
Of all the people that you saw lay down
Give into this world's merry-go-round
Cornered by the seas of unknown towns
Is it as sad as it seems

So here we are
Got our mask on and were gonna somehow
Turn the tides tonight if you would allow
For me to take you on a stroll
Tell Me!

Baby's got a feeling like you wouldn't believe
Melts this jigsaw puzzle with one look of her knee
She says the only way to live is to live like a breeze
So let your hair down and ignore the zombies

I play for keeps
No sour peep

For in my heart there's room for one
if you wanna have some fun
You gotta get close

Eye to eye
Toe to toe
and soul to soul

Staring at this guardian angel
She won't let me in
They've heard my trial over and over again
All to keep out some boyish thugs
It's called sense and reason and some times love

Here's a toast to all you people
Born in the wrong age
Bound by the books of the unknown sage

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