Sixty Year Dream

by The Penny Dreadfuls

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released June 4, 2011

Charis Hickson - lead vocals / banjo / percussion
Jon Chambers - vocals / songwriting / guitar
Matt Vollrath - drums / percussion / theremin / keyboards
Jake Merrick - bass

Guest musicians:
Oleg Timofeev - violin
Blue Murrow - flute
Karla Diller - vocals
Jami Bennett - vocals

Engineering: EKS Sound, LLC.

Artwork: Ben Townsend Hamm


all rights reserved



The Penny Dreadfuls Johnson City, Tennessee

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Track Name: High Speed Face
no one said it was easy she recalled as the wind blew in her face
on the hotel roof tonight the g-men found her place

i've got my eye on you
never been so enthused
the chase is so cool

now here's to the dealbreaker, you poor little silly silly silly silly girl
well it's not even steven, babe, at least not in our world
come taste the toy
come get it big boy
steadfast and wild-eyed
locked loaded and paranoid

it's so charming
how i have played the fool until now
love is for suckers
my hands are tied
you'd not believe how many times i tried

for all the tricks of the trade i have but one
damsels in disguise and perhaps a scorpion's tongue

shhhhh use your inside voice
we don't use words like that anymore
i'd best be off
trains to catch
and you're starting to become a bore

so tata for now
we will always have lafayette
it was bliss, but now
a gas can, a match and a kiss
Track Name: Dancing in the Dark
the house is burning
let's bake a cake
set the table dear
ignore the quake

one man's spicy
is another's mild
life is good when your bustier comes untied

your face spins in my coffee
your walk drives me mad
my candle burns stranger now
i'm no more a lad

but the puzzle doesn't puzzle me
so puzzlingly
more usury has gotten a hold of me
never kiss and tell again

and now we're dancing in the dark as if strangers

by this time you know my love for you is true
and you've always had me wired to blow
cause your signals are signalling me
you've always had me wired to blow

fattened with flattery
lipstick red
cheap lies, alabaster rings and violins in your head
Track Name: Now Will Pass
your life of cabin fever has took its toll
been waiting for amends, now trying for amends to free your soul
so here we are
two dazzling fireflies
cruising toward home, i'll leave you all alone cause i've a remedy

now tell me how is it we never met before?
trading stares across the room now looking bored
she tells me, "i'd leave it alone dear boy. don't you know spies always have a decoy?"

so pardon me
with lies so lavishing
skipping stones across the dawn bouncing me across an eye so dabbling

when the bullets are flashing by
when you are faced to live or die
when the money tastes that of lies
all across the board the bickering pace of what's irrelevant now will pass
now will pass

oh bring back the summer rain
it's not a game child you can't call a time out
what would you grow with your love
if it's so sour sweet when the snake has charmed the beat of a fool's longing love
Track Name: Stationary
here we are drawing lines in the sand between love and all its games
here we are got the perfect plan now that the love train's comin
all aboard don't you leave me again now that the love train's comin
all this baggage is just slowing me down now that you got me running

that's alright it's back to the station
you didn't have the right stuff or the education
but i still believe
i still believe that there is somebody out there for me

hey taxi
hey taxi
won't you stop where you are?
stop where you are

here we are drawing lines in the sand between love and all its games
here we are got the perfect plan now that the love cab's comin
i saw a man waving money around now that the love cab's comin
so i just start to wave my money around now that you got me running

here we are at the station growing old
everyone is on the phone or going home
as the sad sap starts to sing
could there be a more pathetic thing?
to reap what we have sown
did love leave us all alone?

well the wind blows softly
don't you look too far
for the things in life that come to you for free
costs no more than the air we breathe
not a single drop in the entire sea

well here we are drawing lines in the sand between love and all its games
well here we are i got the perfect plan now that the people are running
there he is i think i'll make my move now that the people are running
well there he is could he be the one?
tell me i need confirmation

well he checks out i'm tired of complications
i let my guard down to feel the vibrations
i am a fool with my heart on vacation
soul searching mammal on a case of trepidation
it seems my dreams were someone's creation
when we learn this it brings confirmation
you wouldn't believe what a garden it would be if you just let go and remember love is free

when we find it's all a dream
one beautiful thing
to reap what we have sown
tonight i'm not alone
Track Name: 60 Year Dream
were you born free?

are you still free?
Track Name: The Council of Bernays
he knows where you're going he knows where you've been
he knows more about you than you and your friends
and why you do the things you do
edward knows what makes you blue!

look down on us tonight
free us from our own device
distract us with the shiny things
the more to learn the more to gain
this mortal game's impossible if you refuse to play
cut your tie, learn to strive and let's be on our way

so you think that we all are deranged here?
well i've been studying your fear
and you won't like what i've found

so you've got the knack and the aim to please
but do you have the slogan to bring them to their knees?
you've but one dimension of this task
this task at hand
why can't you understand?

i'm as sure as an investment in the sun
that your face was never meant to be so beautiful
anu took his time with you when he chewed you in his mouth
molded by the tongues of gods
they hesitated spitting out

we are under the knife
nearing the needle's eye
these cravings of fancy
enduring this misery

on a stroll through the daisies you are in amazement by far the intellectual's naive property
to think that you are free!
this notion tickles me
this council has now arrived at your insanity
now leave!

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